Ben Stokes Father has been diagnosed with brain cancer

Ben Stokes Father has been diagnosed with brain cancer

Gerard Stokes, the father of England star all-rounder Ben Stokes, has been diagnosed with brain cancer. Gerad Stokes’ 64-year-old father said he had been ill since returning to Christchurch from South Africa in January. Stokes’ father, mother, and older brother went to South Africa to watch Ben Stokes play.

Stokes’ father had to be admitted to a hospital in Johannesburg before the Boxing Day Test. He underwent surgery there for bleeding into the brain. Gerard Stokes was diagnosed with cancer when he returned to New Zealand for a test.

Gerard Stokes told the New Zealand Herald, ‘They (doctors) have seen that I have multiple tumors in my brain. It’s basically brain cancer. We don’t know how it happened. ‘

During the Test series against Pakistan, Ben Stokes returned to New Zealand halfway through the news of his father’s illness. The last two Tests against Pakistan could not be played.

“I haven’t slept well in over a week,” Ben Stokes told the Weekend Herald. My brain was not working properly. Considering the emotional aspect, leaving the team was the right decision. Gerard Stokes himself was an athlete. The former rugby league player was also involved in coaching.