BCCI Releases New IPL 2021 Guidelines For Players and Teams

BCCI Releases New IPL 2021 Guidelines For Players and Teams

The BCCI has published the new guidelines for the 14th edition of the IPL 2021 for players and teams. Players from India and England will no longer have to quarantine themselves for the IPL and will be able to move from the national team’s bio-secure bubble to the franchise’s bio-secure bubble.

The BCCI further said that Indian players participating in the league are not required to be vaccinated and will have to wait for their time. IPL 2021 Live Telecast will start on April 9 and the final match of the tournament will be played on May 30 at the Narendra Modi Cricket Stadium in Ahmedabad.

In Addition to the IPL 2021 Guidelines BCCI said: “Players who come directly from the bio-secure created for the India and England series will be able to join the franchise without any fixed term. However, they have to come on a team bus or chartered flight to the franchise’s team hotel and make sure.

If chartered flights are used, crew members must follow all protocols. If the BCCI’s chief medical officer is satisfied with the travel arrangements, those players will be able to enter the franchise team’s bio bubble without the RT-PCR test. ”

A total of 12 bio-securities will be created, including eight for teams, support staff, match officials, and team management. Two biosecure bubbles will be available for broadcast commentators and crews. The BCCI has made it clear that none of its officials will contact any players, sportspersons, management teams, or broadcasters.

Team owners who want to be part of the bio-secure bubble must complete a seven-day quarantine period in a hotel room. The BCCI will appoint four security personnel for each franchise team, whose job will be to monitor the rules of the bio-secure environment.

The BCCI has said that players participating in the league will not be vaccinated and will have to wait like the rest of the people. According to the BCCI, the chances of an outbreak from the ball are low. The ball will be sanitized after the ball leaves the stand or off the field and will then be given to the players for use. As per new IPL 2021 guidelines, Spitting on the ball has been banned in IPL 2021.

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