BCCI May Allow Indian Cricketers to play in The Hundred Tournament

BCCI May Allow Indian Cricketers to play in The Hundred Tournament

Apart from IPL and English county cricket, Indian cricketers do not get a chance to play in any other country organized by the board. Because in that case permission of BCCI is required. However, this time the Indian Cricket Board is going to change its previous position. The BCCI may allow Indian cricketers to play in The Hundred tournament in England.

After T20 cricket, there are two more formats in cricket. T-Ten and The Hundred. T-Ten is a game of ten overs per innings and The Hundred is a game of 100 balls per innings. Meanwhile, in the case of the IPL, whether the schedule is changed or the players are allowed to participate in the multi-crore tournament, the ECB or the England Cricket Board has always been on the side of the Indian Cricket Board.

If the number of IPL teams increases tomorrow, the schedule will increase further. In that case, the Indian board may need the help of the ECB. Besides, the young cricketers of the country will also get the opportunity to play in England. And with all those aspects in mind, the BCCI is going to release the cricketers to take part in this tournament.

“Cricketers may be allowed by the BCCI up to a certain age to play in The Hundred Tournament,” a board official, speaking on condition of anonymity, told an all-India media outlet. With this, he said, BCCI is going to organize ten teams IPL from next year. In that case, Saurabh also needs the help of other cricket boards.

And that is why such a decision has to be taken. Earlier, Ian Morgan, the captain of Kolkata Knight Riders in England’s limited-overs IPL, had recently said that many Indian cricketers are willing to play in the tournament called The Hundred.

Although he did not give a name, he said, “I know many Indian cricketers who are interested in playing The Hundred. They want to go to different countries. Wants to go and play cricket. He wants to get acquainted with the culture of all countries. In my opinion, if they play, such tournaments will also benefit. ”