BCCI is upset with ICC late decision of T20 World Cup 2020

BCCI is upset with ICC late decision of T20 World Cup 2020

This year’s cricket schedule is random due to coronavirus. However, cricket has slowly started to develop on the field. Football and other sports were introduced in full swing earlier. But despite repeated meetings, the ICC has not been able to make a final decision on the T20 World Cup to be held in Australia. The BCCI is upset with ICC for the late decision of the T20 World Cup 2020. Basically, they will plan the IPL based on the decision of the World Cup.

This year’s IPL was scheduled to be held on March 29. But the franchise-based top tournament has been postponed indefinitely in Corona Thaba. And that is what the BCCI is determined to do this year. If necessary, they are also thinking of organizing outside India. But after all, time is definitely needed, and it hangs over the World Cup.

The BCCI wants to host the IPL in its spare time if the World Cup is not played in October-November. And that’s why they are so annoyed that they are late in deciding the World Cup. BCCI treasurer Arun Dhumal sees now as the best time to return to cricket.

“The year has started quite badly and there is not much relief ahead,” he said. But as time goes on we need to accept these and be ready for any situation. Cricket is no different. This is the best time for the BCCI to plan for the days ahead.

Corona is on the verge of launching cricket around the world with basketball, football, rugby. So, according to the young BCCI official, the focus should be on domestic cricket now.

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Noting that the ICC decision is not in their hands, Arun Dhumal said, “We do not have these announcements and results. For example, the T20 World Cup is being postponed, so the announcement should come when it needs to.

‘The NBA is going to start in America. The Bundesliga is the first to show a return to the game, as is the English Premier League. Even Australian domestic rugby is rolling on the field. This is the current situation. The BCCI is talking about that, even if the situation is the same until September. So what are we witnessing here? ‘

‘When events like the Olympics and the World Cup are postponed, we should focus on the domestic league. Because domestic leagues are not very much related to external issues. The income sectors are also local-based, so even if it is a little more or less, attention can be paid in this direction. So that a good window can be found. It’s also easier to show on television because they can adapt to local times. ‘ Added the BCCI treasurer.