BCCI Confirms Receiving of Threatening Letter

BCCI Confirms Receiving of Threatening Letter

BCCI CEO Rahul Johri confirmed that the Indian Cricket Commission had also received a threatening letter indicating that the Indian team was under threat of an imminent attack in the Caribbean. Team India is currently in Antigua to prepare for the next round of two-match Tests against the West Indies.

The mail was received for the first time by the Pakistan Cricket Commission on Friday 16 August. The PAC immediately forwarded the email to the International Cricket Council (ICC). In the meantime, the e-mail did not mention any terrorist groups or known identities. Soon, BCCI also received a copy of the same mail.

On Saturday, the BCCI informed the EU Ministry of the Interior of the situation and contacted the Indian Embassy in Antigua. The Ministry of the Interior then contacted the office of the Director-General of Police (DGP) of Maharashtra, headed by Subodh Jaiswal and the Mumbai police. BCCI has now confirmed receipt of the email and added that it contained a threat to “kill Indian cricketers”.

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“We informed the Ministry of the Interior and shared the email. The embassy in Antigua was also contacted and informed. Mumbai police have also been informed and the security of the Indian team in the West Indies has been stepped up,” Rahul Johri told YOU on Sunday.

The ICC, for its part, has not yet commented on this matter. PCB has also decided not to make a statement on this matter. Reports also suggest that the letter was a hoax. But then again, given the recent tensions between India and Pakistan, it would be wise to take all possible measures. The two-match trial series will begin on August 22. India will return home in September and host South Africa.