Bangladesh will play about 100 matches in 2021

Bangladesh will play about 100 matches in 2021

Bangladesh did not get a chance to play too many cricket matches in 2020. However, in the next two years, this regret will come down a lot. Bangladesh will play about 100 matches in 2021 and 2022, including white-ball cricket, ie ODIs, and T20s only. Besides, at least 14 Test matches will be played.

Next year, in 2021, Bangladesh will play at least 15 ODIs and 31 T20 matches. There are 20 more ODIs and 25 T20s to be played next year. In other words, according to the current schedule, 91 matches are confirmed in the next two years.

Apart from this, the number of matches will definitely increase if the series, which has been postponed due to the current situation, is added and the next round of various tournaments is passed. There is a test match. Bangladesh will play a number of bilateral series in 2021-22 as per the schedule prepared by the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) for the next two years.

Some of these series are outside the International Cricket Council (ICC) Super League. The BCB has fixed some additional series in consultation with the cricket boards of different countries.

This period includes the Asia Cup and two T20 World Cup matches. The match numbers have been calculated considering the possible number of matches in these venues. The BCB is also trying to organize a tri-nation series which is yet to be finalized.