Bangladesh team must stay in quarantine for 14 days

Bangladesh team must stay in quarantine for 14 days

SLC President Shammi Silva said that the statement made by the BCB in the media for 7 days was completely wrong. There was no such talk between the two sides. Bangladesh team must be in quarantine for 14 days. All costs will be borne by BCB. At the same time, he said, you have to stay in quarantine in Bangladesh before catching a flight to Lanka.

Bangladesh-Sri Lanka has not yet returned to a stable state. The opposite has been made more obscure. The Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) and the Sri Lanka Cricket Board (SLC) are now at loggerheads over the issue. There is a situation where the issue of truth and falsehood has come up.

“If they mention it (7-day quarantine), that’s perfectly fine,” he said. I do not understand why a week is talking! There was no discussion with the BCB about the seven-day quarantine. We cannot go beyond the rules laid down by the health authorities. I want to say for sure, the Bangladesh team will have to stay here for 14 days compulsory quarantine.

Silva added, “Bangladesh has to be in quarantine before coming here and after reaching Colombo, it has to be in compulsory quarantine for 14 days.” At this time all the expenses will be borne by Sri Lanka Cricket.

Shammi Silver’s remarks have raised doubts about whether the Sri Lanka tour will take place at all. Because, in the way they speak for themselves, it is certain that either of the two parties is lying. Where he has made the BCB stand on the fence for the time being.