Bangladesh has a lot to learn from Dhoni

Bangladesh has a lot to learn from Dhoni

Former Bangladesh captain Habibul Bashar Sumon has talked about different aspects of the Indian World Cup-winning captain. In an interview with India’s Anandabazar newspaper, Bashar said, Bangladesh has a lot to learn from Dhoni.

Anandabazar questioned not only as a former captain of Bangladesh, but Dhoni’s relationship with you is also very deep. Dhoni made his debut in international cricket against your team. 2004 to 2020, a long time. How do you see Dhoni’s cricket tour?

In response to such a question, Bashar said, “First of all, we have to talk about the finisher Dhoni. There are very few such finishers in cricket. Maybe less will come in the coming days. It’s hard to find someone like him as a captain. It is important for the captain to perform his job properly. He (Dhoni) did that. The best part is that he never understood what was on his mind. No one could understand what he was thinking.

He added, ‘Look, if the captain gets tense, gets excited, it gets infected within the team. I’m sure Dhoni also had a lot of tension. As a captain, I understand that. But it never showed. He always looked the same. Which is a huge quality? Her head is very cold.

As a result, decision making would be convenient. Don’t talk about the review system. Very few wicketkeepers can take a perfect review like him. Because his head is absolutely cold. So that the decision would not be wrong. I think Bangladesh has a lot to learn from him.

What is there to learn? In response to such a question, he said, ‘A lot. Just as a young cricketer can learn, so can seniors see and imitate him. Managing a team like India is not easy. In any situation, at any moment and the seniors-juniors have handled together. It will remain an example in terms of how to build a team.

And it will be with everyone. He is a great person, a great cricketer. Now there is a lot of talk about his retirement. But I think we should look at his overall career without thinking about retirement. And then it will be clear that everyone has a lot to learn from Dhoni.

Also wanted to know what features of Dhoni in the current Bangladesh team? Simply put, what qualities of Dhoni does this team need? “International cricket is always a stressful game,” he said. There are ups and downs. Keep going. How to deal with this pressure can be taken from Dhoni. Our team has such successes and failures. There are many ups and downs. There is a lack of consistency in performance. But, there is a lot of pressure on our team to succeed. ‘