Arrest warrant issued against Mohammed Shami in domestic violence case

Arrest warrant issued against Mohammed Shami in the domestic violence case

The Alipore Court in Kolkata issued an arrest warrant against Indian cricketer Mohammed Shami in a domestic violence case filed against him in 2018 by his wife, Hasin Jahan. The pacemaker now has 15 days to surrender and apply for bail. However, the Cricket Control Board in India (BCCI) has made it clear that no action will be taken against the player until they see the charge sheet.

Speaking to this agency, a BCCI official said it was too early to take any action on the matter and that a call can only be made once the charge sheet is received.

-The Officials Statement about Mohammad Shami-

“Yes, we understand that an arrest warrant issued. However, we don’t get involved in this right now. Once we see the charge sheet, we can decide how things are and whether the CONSTITUTION of BCCI requires any action. However, at this point, I’d say it’s too early to decide on the matter.

When asked if the same pattern would follow that his central contract withheld by the Committee of Administrators (CoA) in 2018, the official said it had more to do with the redress claims that Mohammed Shami’s wife made in his complaint.

-BCCI Official on Mohammad Shami-

“That was different. There were accusations that Shami had given up on arranging games. The CoA then felt it was fair for the head of the ACU (Anti-Corruption Unit), Neeraj Kumar, to investigate the claims and file a report before Mohammed Shami received his contract. The ACU chief had waived him of any misdeeds on the cricket front after which he handed his contract.

“This time, it’s more of a case of domestic violence. As things stand now, your contract doesn’t need to terminate. I’m sure Shami will do what is necessary once he returns to the country after the second West Indies Test ends.

The Indian team is currently playing against the West Indies in Kingston, Jamaica, and the second test is scheduled to end on September 3. Mohammed Shami is part of the 11th game and will take the field on Monday when Virat Kohli and the children seek to group the Windies out in their second essay and complete a laundering.

Although Shami given a respite of 15, his brother Hasid Ahmed, who also appointed in the order, has no time. Unless you surrender, you will arrest immediately.

The Indian pacemaker charged with domestic violence and sexual harassment earlier this year. His wife, Hasin Jahan, had accused the player of sexual harassment and domestic violence. She filed the complaint against four members of Shami’s family.

However, Mohammed Shami has denied all the allegations. It has been one of the pillars of the Indian rhythm attack over the past year, improving in every game.

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