Archer Dropped From the New Zealand Series 2021

Archer Dropped From the England vs New Zealand Series 2021

Joffra Archer has been sidelined for a long time due to injury. Due to which you can play in any match till the suspension of the 14th IPL. However, the right-arm fast bowler was waiting to return from injury. Which started with a county cricket match last week. However, Archer was injured again, which is why he has dropped out of the upcoming New Zealand Series 2021.

While playing for Sussex on Saturday, Archer felt pain again in place of the old injury. That is why he could not bowl well in the second innings. According to the England and Wales Cricket Board, ‘Archer is in pain at the site of his right elbow injury. He is under the guidance of medical teams in England and Sussex. And this weekend Archer will consult a physician to find out what can be done next to heal the injury. ‘

The England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) confirmed in a statement that Archer had dropped out of the New Zealand series at home due to the old pain in his right elbow.

He has been suffering from an elbow injury since January this year. In between, he played in the T20 series against India. Although it is with a few painkiller injections. He had to return to England in the middle of the India tour after suffering an injury to his right elbow. He was not in the IPL after that.