Andy Roberts Praises Jasprit Bumrah

Andy Roberts Praises Jasprit Bumrah

Jasprit Bumrah is a star in the cricket world for his on-field exploits. The flamboyant pitcher dominates the cricket world with his exceptional pace combined with his swing and precision. Meanwhile, legendary former West Indies cricketer Andy Roberts praises the Jasprit Bumrah.

Jasprit Bumrah gave another show of his class when he ran through the West Indies batting lineup during the second inning of the first event in Antigua. Bumrah claimed a 5-of-7 victory in eight straight matches while his home team was beaten 100 for a 318-point loss.

Bumrah, who took his five wickets in eight overs, crossed the order, relentlessly attacking the stumps in a devastating spell. He threw a marker when he had Kraig Brathwaite caught behind for a goal, and after a simple nod, the West Indies reduced to 15 for 5. S

We would have had Jasprit Bumrah – Andy Roberts

Legendary Caribbean paceman Andy Roberts was on hand to attend this bowling exhibition and wanted the local team to bring Bumrah in his place. Besides, the flamboyant cricketer said that a player like Jasprit Bumrah would always put an element of doubt in the batsman’s mind.

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“It’s the rhythm that catches my attention first. I wouldn’t say the pace is the greatest asset of a fast thrower, but I would say it’s the most valuable. If you have rhythm, the batsmen fear you, because they think about safety, by way of avoiding being hit. You can mix the rhythm and fool them,” said Andy Roberts.

Moreover, if you can swing the ball at its own pace, nothing like that. Such bowlers make you vibrate. This is the most vigorous action I’ve seen on a cricket pitch. I must study this long to understand the mechanisms of its action. However, if he had been born here in our time, we would have had him. A monster was the only missing element in our keel line. Bumrah is the single variety of quilter we have ever produced. Second, I don’t think even India is producing one like him again,” he said.

Bumrah has now picked up five box office tournaments in all the overseas countries he has visited. He is the first Asian bowler to pick up five-wicket hauls in South Africa, England, Australia and the Caribbean. Most likely, he would like to finish the tour with good numbers in his account.