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Adil Rashid Ruled Out of Season Due to Shoulder Injury

England’s spin bowler, Adil Rashid, member of ICC World Cup 2019 Champions will no longer play cricket this season due to a shoulder injury. Adil Rashid’s Injury news revealed on Friday. He is ruled out of Ashes 2019 Series because of his shoulder injury.

The 31-year-old, English Player said he hoped to be fit for the winter tours of New Zealand and South Africa.

Adil Rashid Said:

The goal was to come back after the World Cup and play for Yorkshire. I enjoy playing for Yorkshire, but It wasn’t meant to be.

Adil Rashid gave up red-ball cricket last year before being called up to the England Test against India, insisted he could not play for his county team.

When I can play, I’ll play, having struggled with the shoulder problem during England’s successful World Cup campaign.

I just wasn’t close enough to play. People may have other opinions, but I just can’t play. Any other talk doesn’t make sense. My main goal is to get my shoulder in shape, strong and powerful before winter.

I’ll be in the gym, staying fit and rehabilitating my shoulder. Hopefully, once that period passes, I can keep playing cricket.

The injury rules out any chance of Rashid participating in England’s Ashes vs. Australia.