Abid Ali apologizes for losing his good form

Abid Ali apologizes for losing his good form

Abid Ali apologizes for losing his good form in England after scoring just 36 runs in the opening test and failing to convert 60 into a big score in the first inning of the second test.

Speaking to reporters after the first day ended after poor lighting, Abid accepted his mistake of knocking down his wicket easily all three times. “I know I could have turned my 60 into a great score today, but unfortunately, I got the ball in on the slips. Also in the first game, I threw my ground due to my mistakes and I can only apologize for that and hope to overcome my weaknesses in the next inning, ”he said.

When asked if Younis had given him an adequate time or not when his performance declined after the batting stalwart joined the national team’s coaching staff, he laughed and said, “No, no, Younis Bhai is giving time. to all players equally. He is there to support each and every player. And as far as my performance is concerned, it’s part of cricket and we have to keep going, “he said.

Abid also shared the experience of playing James Anderson. “He’s the number one bowler in the world and I was playing it as a challenge,” he said.

Meanwhile, the right-handed hitter also expressed disappointment at Fawad Alam’s early departure despite high expectations of him when he returned to Test after 11 years.

“We were as disappointed as the entire nation when Fawad came out. But it’s a game and we should give it some time. I hope that he recovers strongly ”, he concluded.