72 employees of the ECB lose their jobs

72 employees of the ECB lose their jobs

To compensate for their financial loss, they have decided to reduce the budget by 20%. As a result, 72 employees of the ECB will lose their jobs. The coronavirus has caused extensive financial damage worldwide. He was not behind in cricket either. Many influential boards of cricket have suffered financial losses. The England and Wales Cricket Board is one of them.

On September 14, the officers who lost their jobs found out about the loss of their jobs. For the time being, appointments will be made in the vacated posts. Along with this, a part-time appointment will be given in the remaining posts.

In this regard, ECB Chief Executive Tom Harrison said, “Cricket has faced many challenges due to the Kovid-19 epidemic. We’ve already lost 100 million. If that continues, we expect a loss of about ২০০ 200 million next year. “

‘We have to reduce costs throughout the game. And to do that, the ECB has to reduce its own costs, ”he added.

It may be mentioned that the ECB had announced to reduce the salaries of the employees by 20 percent since last April. And the board cut chief executive Tom Harrison’s wireless by 25 percent until October.